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Azura offers the latest Ai technologies to provide the best marketing KPI solution that respond to the modern market needs.
The power of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Have our Ai analysing your KPIs to boost sales & revenue!

Experience the power of  Azuras Artificial Intelligence software to help you making the right KPI driven decisions. Analyse costs, revenue potential and workloads with single clicks in real time. Azura is the future!

Ai Analytics

Our Azura Ai analysis your KPIs in real time to give advice on the spot. Think of Azura as the Data Scientist Genius your team was missing the whole time. But Azura is not only clever but also very fast. A KPI report analysis takes about 14 minutes on average for our Ai. Faster than any human could ever be.

Multi API

Azura works with most modern datasheet- and drive solutions such as Google Drive Sheets, Excel, OneDrive, PaT Files, Slack Forms, Cubus and many more. Simply drag and drop one or multiple reports in our Data Analyser and tell Azura what KPIs to focus on. Our Ai software will handle the rest and provide results within minutes!

User friendly

Afraid that it might take weeks to get your team used and trained on Azura? No need to! Azura was designed to be simple to use and fully responsive. You decide how advanced a analysis should be by just clicking buttons. Your team will love the results and improvements they’ll see. Get Azura today and be ready to take off!

Azura helps you finding the right marketing decisions!

Connect Azura with your Excel, Google Drive Docs, OneDrive or any other datasheets to have it collect all necessary data to analyse your KPIs. Azura will show trends, potential risks, chances and more!
  • Cost Analysis

  • Workforce analysis

  • Revenue Analysis

  • Risk Analysis


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